How to download the GTA San Andreas APK for free?

Grand theft auto is an amazing game with over 5 different versions, playable on multiple devices. The bad thing is that Rockstar Games have made their mobile game paid aswell, but we’ve found a solution for that.

gta san andreas apk

The game is very easy to download for free, and we will tell you exactly how to do so.

First, you want to head over to the website of the gta san andreas apk.

There you will find a download button, when you click that your download will start and your desired APK file will be on your device.

Now if you’ve used your computer to download gta san andreas for free you will have to place the file onto your android device before you can start playing. Plug your android phone cable into your phone and the other side into your laptop or computer. After that, search the folder in your file explorer and drag the gta san andreas apk for android to that folder.

After that, you can just start your phone and you can play your gta game for free!


Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas is Rockstar’s fourth game in their GTA arrangement. The amusement was discharged in October 2004 for the PS 2 and on June 2005 for the PC and regular XBox. The PlayStation Store discharged GTA San Andreas in December 2012 which is alot later than on alternate gadgets. For the PlayStation 2 the amusement has made more than 20.000.000 deals which is fantastic for a diversion.


CJ, the primary character of the amusement returns back to Los Santos in 1992 after he heard his mom got murdered by the Ballas-posse. After his rebound the issues in a split second began.

CJ’s posse, the Grove Street Families, seems as though it has broken apart over the most recent couple of years. On the off chance that CJ needs to mean something to them again he first needs to win their regard once more.

After he gave back the cops that were degenerate blamed him for crime. He is not getting acknowledged by loved ones and their pack as of now has dangers from another group. Something must be done against Ballas (the merchants) and Tenpenny/Pulaski, the cops who are degenerate.

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